Best Black Friday Deals on My Favorite Products

If you have a brand you are looking for deals on, CLICK HERE and you will be taken to my post with a massive database of over 2,700+ deals on thousands of brands. It’s a great way to compare deals across retailers (and sometimes a specific product may be sold out for a brand so by seeing various retailers you can hopefully find a deal on what you are looking for). 

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Table of Contents

Skincare Tools

  • LED masks are my top skincare device because they are effective (have high quality evidence to support their claims) and they are convenient, and things being convenient make me more likely to use them! For the best deals on LED devices, see this post. 
  • ZIIP30% off with code GOALSZIIP.
    • I wasn’t a fan of the NuFace but I have to say that the Ziip has impressed me. I think the thing that sets it apart is that it uses multiple waveforms whereas NuFace just has one waveform. While I was working through all of the different “programs” I noticed that my skin responded best to the nano waveform, which isn’t one that the NuFace has. So I think that explains why I am seeing better results with the NuFace. Also, I love that there is a setting for treating blemishes (I find it works best on the hidden mounds that form under the skin). My mom is also very obsessed with her Ziip and uses it consistently. I tend to just use mine before events, vacations, etc. because I am more lazy 🙂 
  • Braun Epilator22% off 
    • This is a TOP purchase for me in 2022. I bought it after trying the one that @courtneygrow brought on a girls trip. The first time hurts the most but then the hair grows back more sparse and each time you use it it hurts less. Now I do my armpits every 2 weeks and I don’t think it hurts at all anymore. I LOVE that I am hairless for 2 weeks. Perfect for going on vacation because I don’t need to bring a razor!

Hair Tools with BF sales

Dyson hair dryer20% off 

  • I love this blow dryer because of the settings. I don’t think it dries my hair any faster than my previous Harry Josh hair dryer BUT the frizz attachment amazing. It just smooths out your hair so quickly. Hair looks shiny and frizz free!

Deborah Pagani Hair Pin – 15% off with code GOALS15 (Click to Shop)

  • Not a BF sale, but the 15% discount is better than the BF sale going on. 

Cleansers with BF sales

Oil-Based Cleansers

Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Oil

  • Thinner liquid texture but it still has a nice amount of slip. It emulsifies (turns milky) easily and rinses away clean. My skin didn’t feel like it had a film on it and didn’t feel tight. It just felt really soft and happy. It removed my mascara nicely (I don’t use waterproof mascara so I can’t speak to that). It doesn’t sting my eyes. It has a slightly sweet/botanical scent.
  • $40 full price
    • It will be 25% off if you wait until Monday. Or there is a chance that Skinstore will let me include this in a 30% off deal in the future, but I don’t have that lined up yet. (Click to shop)

Elemis Superfood AHA Glow Cleansing Butter

  • This has the most beautiful buttery and silky balm texture. It is unscented and offers some very gentle enzyme exfoliation (I like to have one oil based cleanser with enzyme exfoliation). Just like the Sulwhasoo this emulsifies nicely and removes makeup without leaving a film and doesn’t sting my eyes. 
  • $39 full price
    • At Skinstore it is 30% off plus an extra 6% off with code VANESSA (Click to shop).
    • If you don’t plan on buying other things at Skinstore and you want free shipping on just the cleanser, you can buy it here for 30% off (Click to Shop)

Colleen Rothschild Radiant Cleansing Balm

  • I have to be honest that I didn’t want to try CR products for a while because I felt like they were overhyped. But then my friend Sarah ( convinced me that they had some real gems and  after hearing her rave about this cleanser I caved and tried it. She was right. It’s a beautiful cleanser. It is a thicker buttery texture that glides on the skin and maintains its slip. For me, the main draw is the scent and texture experience. To me it smells like nutmeg and cloves and the smell elevates my mood. Funnily enough my sister-in-law is also obsessed with the smell but she thinks it smells like Nivea! haha. So I guess the smell is totally subjective. It emulsifies and leaves my skin feelings nourished but without any annoying film left over. I will say that when I wash my face with my contacts in, they do get a little cloudy and I have to use some eye drops to rinse them off.
  • $65 full price
    • Currently 30% off with code BF22, making it $45 (Click to shop).

Water-based cleansers (aka morning cleansers or my second cleansers)

Jordan Samuel Skin Gel Matinee Cleanser

  • This has been my holy grail cleanser for two years now. Quin and I love it. I gave it to my sister-in-law and she loves and my nieces love it. I love it because it is a gel texture that still feels silky on the skin. It has a tiny touch of salicylic acid that is low enough to be used every day but just enough to help reduce skin congestion. I love the packaging and how it only needs a pea size amount. It doesn’t have a scent and it has a great pH so my skin’s acid mantle stays happy. I want everyone to try this cleanser at least once. (I love that Jordan makes a travel size so you can try it out that way). This older Instagram post shares more about why this is amazing. 
  • 25% off (no code needed) making it $21. (Click to Shop)

Bioderma – Sensibio – H2O Micellar Water

  • I like to have a micellar water on hand to take off any left over mascara after cleansing with an oil-based cleanser. My favorite used to be the IT Cosmetics water but I heard that was getting discontinued so I have been trying other micellar waters to replace it and this one is my favorite. 
  • 43% off on the 25th, making it $12. (Click to Shop)
  • After the 25th the best deal will be 31% off with code VANESSA off at Skinstore (Click to Shop)

Acid Exfoliators

Gentle toners I use ~3 days a week

Slurp Decalt  – 20% off (discount appears in the cart)

  • Slurp is another favorite new discovery of 2022. Decalt is an acid exfoliator that helps to reduce congestion and minimize the appearance of pores (it i particularly good at that!). It has a really unique blend of Salicylic acid and polyhydroxy acid (PHA), that is often referred to as next generation AHA and it also has some antibacterial and sebum regulating ingredients as well as hydrating and soothing ingredients. Definitely a stand out product that continues to impress me! And I would expect the bottle to last a long time! (The Hyaluid and Niacid have really impressed me so far– especially the Hyaluid. It deserves a full blog post after I have used it longer. But wow. And if you used to love the J-One jelly pack that is discontinued I highly recommend getting the Hydromer)
Paula’s Choice Daily Pore-Refining Treatment With 2% BHA- 20% off 
  • If you have tried the version in the black bottle and didn’t love the texture, I would give this a try. In addition to having a lighter texture it has matrixyl 3000 to help promote the production of collagen & elastin to help with signs of aging as well as soothing ingredients and antioxidants.  

Weekly Acid Exfoliator

Sunday Riley Good Genes – 30% off (no code needed) 

  • This is a long time favorite (I actually can’t remember the last time I didn’t have a bottle of this in my collection. It is a staple product).   Usually I use this about once a week at night. But I also always use it the morning of big events. Before applying moisturizer I apply Good Genes specifically on smile lines and the parentheses around my mouth and on forehead (so basically I just avoid my cheeks and nose). I find that it helps to plump up dehydration lines and gives my skin a beautiful glow.

Eye Products with good BF sales

My favorite eye serum for helping with crepey eyelids

Bioeffect EGF Eye serum

  • If you were one of the people to grab one of these when I shared what ended up being an unintentional amazing deal, consider yourself lucky! Basically, an old code of mine that hadn’t been deactivated and Skinstore forgot about ended up working to take an extra 11% off the already 25% off. But as soon as Skinstore caught on they deactivated the code. They said that Bioeffect doesn’t allow discounts greater than 26% off…SUCH A BUMMER!!! But thankfully we can at least always save 25% with code VANESSA at Skinstore (Click to Shop)

For when my eyes are puffy

Cryo Sticks – these are currently the lowest price I have ever seen at only $14! (Click here to shop)

  • I have a whole story highlight dedicated to these amazing and multipurpose cryo sticks (click here)

Eye Patches

  • Sireni renaissance eye mask – 20% off (Click to Shop)
    • The shape of this which is slightly more curved fits my under eyes just a little better than the Dieux and I like that it comes with a mirror.
  • Dieux Tattoo Forever Eye mask – 15% off (Click to Shop) 
    • These are slightly thinner than the Sireni which I like. I have had these for a year and they have held up well. I LOVE the print on these. The semi-clear but very cool pattern is not as obvious when I put them on on a plane.
  • For under either the Sireni or Dieux I love to use the Jordan Samuel skin the performance eye gel (25% off; click to shop) to really help plump up fine lines. When I want to depuff, I use the Yon-Ka under eye gel (25% off; Click to Shop)
  • Disposable eye masks:
    • When I want a disposable option for really hydrating and plumping up fine lines I reach for the Erno Laszlo Multi-Task Serum Eye Mask (30% off; Click to Shop)

Serums with BF Sales

Paula’s Choice C15 Super Booster

  • After trying dozens and dozens of vitamin C serums, this remains my favorite after taking into consideration results, cost, and packaging.  This older post highlights more reasons I love Vitamin C and why this is a top pick. 
  • 20% off on the 24th, making it $44. (Click to Shop)
    • Note: I prefer to always buy this direct from Paula’s Choice because that is usually how I get the freshest bottle. 

NIOD Re:Pigment

  •  For more info on this serum see this Instagram post. 
  • This is 23% off making it $53.90 (Click to Shop)

Maelove Fade Away Brightening Serum

  • Maelove doesn’t actually have any Black Friday sales. They price their products low so they never have sales. They only have savings with you buy 3 items. But I had to include this because it is already a really great price and I think it worked really well for me. If you like the Skinceuticals Phyto+ line, I think you will especially like this. 
  • $36.95 (Click to Shop)

Defenage 8-in-1 Bioserum

  • Defenage has a Buy One get One 65% off and you can get A TON of travel size products by stacking multiple codes. So write these 8 codes down to save (TRYNECKCREAM; TRY-NECK-CREAM; GIFT-AS-0902; IG-HOLIDAY-MINIS; VANESSA-BFCM; JULES22; HOLIDAY-MINIS-NOW; PROLOOK24)
    • Top picks: 8-in-1 Bioserum is my top top pick. For an in-depth review click here. For an Instagram post with a shorter summary of my thoughts click here. I really love so many of their products. They make a great eye cream that I have bought multiples of over the years, the Barrier Balance cream is a like a great “all in one” moisturizer (this is my brother’s favorite), their 2-minute reveal mask is amazing for some immediate refining (this is my dad’s personal favorite) their neck and body creams are newer to me but I am very impressed. I started using their hair serum 2.5 weeks ago so its too soon to comment on that. 
    • Click to Shop

Cipher Skincare

  • Cipher is one of my stand out brands for me in 2022. Their BF sale is 25% off orders over $160 or 15% off all other orders
    • Top picks
      • Beam me up. This is a serum-moisturizer hybrid that is soothing, and brightening, and has Matrixyl synthe’6 to help with fine lines over time. This replaced the Allies of Skin Peptides & Antioxidants Firming Daily Treatment that I used for years as my “one-and-done”. It has the same types of skin benefits and ingredients but I much prefer the lighter gel-cream texture this has. And this felt lighter on my skin and I like the packaging more. 
      • Night Shift. I also loved pairing this with Night Shift which is also a serum-moisturizer hybrid that can be used day or night (or both) that takes a multi-pathway approach to fading pigmentation and correcting redness and overall skin tone. I used this for a month before I started to test a few other pigmentation products, so I haven’t had a chance to use this consistently. But now I plan to because every time I used this my skin had a really nice health radiance to it. Because of the name I thought I only should use it at night, but I learned it can work in my routine day or night. 
      • Things I’m currently trying and loving: I was recently sent their C-Shield (this is going to be my new daily Vitamin C serum to test out), their 88 mph is a truly an innovative product that is described as a “2-minute retinoid treatment providing instantaneous active delivery in a uniquely scalable system.” and finally CTRL Z (love the name BTW) is an overnight treatment that I am considering a replacement for things like Allies of Skin Sleeping Facial. Cipher describes this as an “advanced resurfacing treatment to dynamically recondition skin’s appearance.” I have used it a handful of times now and every morning I wake up impressed with how my skin looks. Their cleanser is also quite nice but so pricey and JSS gel matinee has a claim to my heart. 
      • Click to Shop


  • Medik8 Crystal Retinal 10 is my jam and it’s 30% off! (Click to Shop) I also love how you can pick your strength in the same great formula. 3 is where I started Quin at and now he likes 6. 6 is .06% (By comparison Allies of Skin retinal is .05% so that can help give you a point of comparison in terms of what your skin might like if you have tried that one). I find 6 to be very gentle and with 10 I use it like 4 nights a week.
  • Allies of Skin retinal I still have this in my collection and rotate it in. In fact, it is what I always bring on vacation as my one-and-done night treatment. If you want to buy 2 AOS products, the best deal is on their site (click here) where you can buy 1 get 1 free PLUS an extra 11% off with code GOALSCM. If you just want a deal on this retinal, the best deal is 30% off here


Moisturizers for when my skin is super irritated or for after skin treatmentsd

Tolerance smoothing skin recovery balm –30% off and free shipping with code FRIDAYFEELS (Click to Shop)

  • The cream version of this is night (it’s lighter) but this balm is sooo good for sensitive skin or skin with redness (as someone with rosacea I especially enjoy this). Reminds me a little of Triple Lipid Restore in thickness. Their cicalfate cream is also a great product to have on hand for any post laser procedure or microneedling. 
  • This replaced the La Roche Posay Cicaplast Balm B5, which is also great but I like this better.

AM Moisturizers

I love to use the Cipher Beam me Up as a moisturizer (deal outlined above) and the SkinCeuticals Phyto A+ Brightening Treatment (but there aren’t any great sales so I would wait for a 15% off Skinceuticals deal which come around about every other month) and I love the Omorovicza Silver Skin Lotion (this was 40% off a couple weeks ago and not it isn’t…boo! but the best deal is 25% off here

Barrier Repairing Moisturizers (that I tend to use at night)

I love to rotate between these two because I love them both but can’t decide on a favorite.

  • Jordan Samuel Skin Moisture Recovery Cream – $34 full price but currently 25% off, no code needed (Click here to shop!)
    • I love the thicker texture of this and how well it reduces redness in my cheeks overnight. I can also use this in the day if I avoid my T zone where I get oily. 
  • Dieux Instant Angel  – $45 full price and 15% off during BF (but I believe @bekahsun has a 20% off code that will work once the sale is over but I’m not sure on that) (Click to Shop)
    • This has a creamy finish that gives me more of a glow than JSS. I can’t use this in the AM so it’s a PM-only moisturizer for me. 


Avene Antirougeurs CALM Soothing Mask – 30% off and free shipping with code FRIDAYFEELS

  • Avene rarely goes on sale for more than 25% off, so I was excited about this sale. I love this mask for when my skin needs something hydrating  and soothing. I apply a thick layer of this whenever my face is irritated or just needs some TLC. It’s super soothing and feels cooling on skin.

Tula self-care sunday mask 30% off and free shipping

  • This has been a favorite mask of mine for years (back when it had a different name and different purple packaging). It is a true hidden gem in the Tula lineup  (but lately it has gotten more attention as more folks have bought it and realized it is amazing!). It is plumping and brightening and just makes your skin look refreshed and hydrated. I apply about 3 pumps and let is sit for up to an hour. It is also great as an overnight mask (for that I just do 1 pump). The Chantecaille Bio Lifting Mask gives me better plumping of fine lines but it is SO much more money. So this tends to always be the one I rely on.

Chantecaille Bio Lifting Mask – 25% off plus an extra 10% off with code BFRIDAY10 (Click to Shop)

  • This took some trial and error to really figure out how to apply it to get the best results and to figure out what it was best for, but now I have figured out that I get the best results when I do a thick layer and give at a minimum of 45 min to work. And I just strategically apply it to the lines around my eyes, any lines on my forehead and the parentheses around my mouth. I find that it helps to plump up fine lines but I don’t apply it all over because it is so dang expensive. 

111Skin Sub-Zero De-Puffing Energy Mask –  31% off with code VANESSA 

  • This is the mask I wear before special days. I love how it feels cooling and I put the cut out mouth and eye cut outs on my eyes and lips. This has been sold out everywhere which is so frustrating! But it is still in stock and on sale at saks. 

I’m From Honey Mask – 30% off (Click to Shop)

  •  This is a great multi-purpose mask that I usually reach for when my skin needs some healing. I also love to use it when I am breaking out because it is moisturizing while also drawing out gunk. This Instagram post talks more about it

Body Products

For Body Breakouts

Hero Cosmetics Brave Body Once-Over Toner- 30% off with code VANESSA at Skinstore (Click to Shop)

  • Definitely another favorite new product of 2022. I spray this on my back after I show to help keep my skin clear. I love how you can spray it upside down. 

To help with KP or shaving bumps

First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub with 10% AHA

  • I would probably hold off on buying this because it is included in Skinstore’s 30% off countdown sales so it’s annoying that the best deal during Black Friday is just 26% off. (Note: You can always get this for 25% off at Skinstore with code VANESSA)

To exfoliate your body AND moisturize all in one

Kopari Exfoliating Crush Scrub – 30% off PLUS free shipping (Click to Shop)

  • Another favorite new discovery in 2022. This smell amazing (like brown sugar and coconut) and makes my skin feel amazing. It feels like I have applied moisturizer all over after I use this (but I am totally too lazy to actually apply moisturizer all over). But rubbing this on in the shower is easy because the scent makes me want to use it.

For irritated skin

Cicalfate+ Absorbing Soothing Spray – 30% off and free shipping with code FRIDAYFEELS

  • I am a BIG fan of things that I can spray on rather than rub on. So I love that this is a spray. But this is AMAZING to have on hand for cuts, burns, irritated skin, etc. I unknowingly itched my legs badly while I was sleeping and woke up with raw, bloody skin and I sprayed this on and it was incredibly soothing and the raw skin healed much quicker than it normally does. Keep in mind that this will leave a white cast on skin.
  •  Bioderma Atoderma Shower Oil – 31% off with code VANESSA or JOY (Click to Shop)
    • This is a longtime favorite. This replaced my old body washes and my skin was MUCH happier (less itchy and dry). It is great for shaving too. If I use a foaming mesh it will lather up, but normally I just use with a washcloth. I have been trying other shower oils for some reviews and it has confirmed in my mind just how much I love the thicker, silky texture of the Bioderma. This does have a scent which is a light spa-like floral scent in my opinion.

Hand Wash

  • AESOP Resurrection Hand Wash – I LOVE this hand soap by Aesop that rarely ever goes on sale and it is currently 25% off.  Usually always excluded from sales! Makes a great gift (the first time I got it was as a gift and it ot me hooked!) Smells amazing and doesn’t dry out hands. (Click to Shop)

Haircare Products with Good BF Sales

Shampoo & Conditioner

  • To help reduce hair shedding and increase scalp health I LOVE the Raincry Regenerating Shampoo and Conditioner which are 30% off with code VANESSA (Click to Shop)
  • To increase shine I rotate the Raincry with Olaplex. The Shampoo and Conditioner are 30% off plus an extra 10% with code TULIP. (Click to Shop)

Hair Growth Serums

Vegamour Gro Serum

  • I have been using the Vegamour Gro serum for over 3 year now. I really like it because I can use it morning or night (whichever is more convenient) and it doesn’t make my hair greasy and it never breaks out my hairline or make my scalp feel itchy. And it works. When I use it consistently I see more growth and less shedding. I recently started testing out another much more expensive hair growth serum but it will be hard to beat the results and price of th Vegamour.  (Wait until Cyber Monday to Shop)

Other Hair products

  • K18 – This is another top favorite product of 2022. I use this every 4th time I wash my hair and it has really made my hair look so much healthier. And interestingly it also accentuates my natural waves – 30% off no code needed.(Click to shop)
  • Crown Affair Hair towel – I reviewed 10 different hair towels (see post here) and this one was my favorite and absorbed water the best. There aren’t any exceptional sales on this, so the best would be to get 15% off with code VANESSA15. For what it’s worth, if I lost mine I would pay full price or it I love it that much. (Click to Shop)
  • Olaplex Bonding Oil #730% off and save an extra 10% with code TULIP (Click to Shop)
  • Olaplex No. 9 Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum – I  use this as my heat protector and I feel like it also helps reduce frizz. It is 30% off and save an extra 10% with code TULIP (Click to Shop)