2023 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals on LED Devices

2023 Black Friday Deals on LED Devices
Disclosure: This post contains some commissionable links–I appreciate your support when you shop through my links or use my codes!

For a list of  close to 800 brands and over 1100 deals, click here

If you just want to see a quick roundup of all the LED device deals, click here. Below I have included just the top deals. 

Finally, if you want to check out my in-depth post on LED devices (including an overview of what are the important key parameters to look for in an LED device as well as an overview of close to 30 LED devices), click here

Best Deals on LED Devices

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  • My favorite LED mask is the Omnilux Men’s Mask that has the additional 1072nm wavelength (read my write-up about it here). The mask is $50 off, which works out to 13% off, making it $335. This is the largest percentage I have seen them offer (Click here to shop all of their masks). Normally my code GOALS23 saves you 10%.
  • Sale runs from 11/18-11/29
    • $50 off 1 device – code: GIFT1
    • $120 off 2 devices – code: GIFT2
    • $240 off 3+ devices – code: GIFT3
  • Current Body gave me the highest discount available for their LED devices (25%). My code GOALSLED makes the neck mask $285 (Click here to shop). I tried to convince CB to go a little lower but this is as low as they will go.
  • My favorite LED device outside of the face masks is The Light Salon patch. I strap it to my legs to fade bruises faster, I wrap it around my elbow when it feels achy, I wear it like a headband over my hairline to improve scalp health, I lay it on my chest or hands. It is the best. Currently 28% off with code GTGG28BF, making it $342. (Click here to shop). Note that if you aren’t in a rush to buy this, there is a high likelihood that it will be 30% off at Skinstore in the future during a 3 hour window for their “countdown” sales. 
  • Current Body has the lowest price if you are ok with the device needing to be plugged in (but the perk is that it treats both hands at once). Code GOALSLED makes it $187 (Click here to shop)
  • For the Face Mask and Neck Mask Combo, Current Body has the best price. With my code GOALSLED it is 40% off making it $431) (Click here to shop)
  • The next best price for buying two devices is $670 at Omnilux where when you buy 2 devices you save $120 using code GIFT2. (Click here to shop). This would be a good option for someone that wanted to buy the Contour plus the Clear or the Contour plus the Men’s as those are masks that aren’t available elsewhere. 

I don’t like to use blue light all over my face because it has the potential to cause hyperpigmentation with continued use, so I prefer to spot treat particularly bad pimples with a handheld device that has the ideal, and evidence-based, wavelengths for acne.  Also, using a face mask with red and NIR wavelengths can also reduce acne and the associated redness and inflammation–and those wavelengths don’t hold the potential for hyperpigmentation. If you do go for full mask with red and blue wavelengths, keep in mind that those wavelengths are not intended to prevent acne–only to treat mild to moderate acne (and it isn’t intended for whiteheads and blackheads). AND they are only intended to treat it for a short period of time. For example,  We recommend a course of treatments, for their Clear mask Omnilux recommends 4, 10-minute treatments per week for 6 weeks and once the 6 weeks are up you are supposed to stop using it. (In the peer reviewed literature most studies just did 2 treatments a week for 4 weeks max).

  • Best deal on a handheld device to spot treat acne:  ReVive Light Glo Acne Device: I have this one. It is $27 after the 30% off is automatically deducted when you add it to your cart (Click here to shop)
  • If you want to use LED to address chest or back acne: The Dr. Dennis Gross Bodyware is a great option and it is on sale for 32% off (Click here to shop) You can also just use the Red, Amber and NIR setting which is what I use to treat both of my hands at once. And I love that is it just 3 minutes so that I don’t get bored 🙂
  • If you want a face mask that has both Blue and Red settings plus a Red and NIR setting: The TheraFace would be my pick, but it isn’t on sale. Read my review here
  • If you want a high quality mask with Blue and Red light just to use for a short period of time to treat mild-moderate acne all over your face (so spot treating would be tedious): Omnilux Clear is the best choice here (currently 13% off). This has the optimal wavelengths and irradiance and it also has the necessary eye protection (because unlike red and NIR, blue light is bad for retinas). 
  • Dr. Dennis Gross and Current Body both make LED lip devices, but they have the same key parameters as this more affordable one by ReVive LED which ends up being $74 after 30% is automatically taken off when you add it to your cart. (Click to shop)