• Beauty Brands by Online Retailer
    • Excel file that lets you see what store (so far I have 16 compiled) stocks the brands you are interested in (so far I have 1,697 brands listed).
  • Facial Oil Database
    • Excel file with almost 100 facial oils and their ingredients. Sort and filter to find a product with an ingredient you are looking for.
      • Last updated 6/10/19
  • Facial Cleanser pH Test Results 
    • Currently a little over 200 cleansers have been tested as part of the #gtggphtest series. You can search for those test results in my spreadsheet and I have also provided links to other blogs and websites that have posted pH test results.
      • Last updated 10/1/19
  • Facial Mist Database
    • Currently 101 facial mists in the database. Information is provided on the cost per ounce, a very basic description of what the company says the mist does, the complete ingredients, and a separate tab explaining the benefits of some of the ingredients (this is a work in progress)
    • See original blog post for more information 
    • Last updated 2/13/18
  • Acid Toners and Acid Exfoliants Comparison Database — AHAs –UPDATED
    • Currently 89 different products with various types of AHAs. Information is provided on the type of AHA included (as well as whether BHAs are included), with information on the pH, concentration, free acid value, and cost per ounce.
    • If you want to filter the data, you will need to click on “Data” –> “Filter views”–> “Create a temporary filter view”
    • See original blog post for more caveats and information