Odacité Hydra-Treatment Mists

I love a good mist. The ways I use them are endless. Some of my favorite ways to use a mist are (1) to wet my face before applying serums or moisturizers (to help the products absorb), (2) to refresh my skin during the day,  (3) after applying my makeup to help to remove an overly powdery or flat finish to the skin, and (4) to treat my skin. Some mists can only help with the first three uses, but other mists are packed with beneficial ingredients that can treat specific skin issues. (To take a look at the ingredient list for over 80 facial mists, please check out this post).

Today I am reviewing the three Hydra-Treatment Mists (gifted to me by Odacité back in May 2017). These mists tackle all four uses above, and I have been loving each of them. 

First, here is some information from the company describing the Hydra-Treatment Mists:

  • Formulated with a base of fresh organic Aloe Vera juice, each mist offers a complete beauty treatment in a very effective and innovative way, infusing the skin with more than 200 actives and optimum hydration. Tiny drops are delivered to the skin, delivering an instant surge of moisture, while micronutrients optimize skin’s health and its ability to absorb and retain moisture, creating a fresh and dewy complexion without any added oil.

Before I get into the individual mists, here are some overall impressions about the overall packaging and application. First, the bottle was smaller than I had anticipated but I actually love the size because it can fit in my purse and it doesn’t take up too much room on my desk at work. The Aloe + Immortelle and Rose + Neroli have a super fine mist with a wider spray area (I have no idea how to properly describe this, so I took a video below). The Mint + Green Tea also has a very fine mist but it is more narrow in terms of its spray area.  I think that may just be a fluke though. Either way, I can mist my face with the Aloe + Immortelle and Rose + Neroli and not disturb my makeup at all.

The packaging (dark, violet-black miron glass) is gorgeous and heavy in your hand. Even the cap feels substantial (I have other lists in dark iron glass that have cheap plastic caps that break, these caps feel a lot more sturdy). This may seem silly but I hate having a broken cap! 

Now on to the individual mists! 

They currently have three different Hydra-Mists:

  1. Aloe + Immortelle Hydra-Repair Treatment Mist ($39 for 1.69 oz / $23.08 per oz)aloe.png
    • Designed to repair mature/dry and sensitive skin with youth-boosting actives.
      • Overall thoughts: Even though this one says it is best for dry/mature skin, my oily, breakout prone skin LOVES this. (I’m not surprised because the ingredient list has things that can help balance oily skin and heal breakouts). Out of the three mists, I think this one is my favorite because I find that it helps with redness, it is so soothing, and it helps combat signs of aging.
      • How I tend to use this:  I like to use this mist before applying serums, oils, or moisturizers (in the mornings and at night). I want its amazing ingredients as close to my skin as possible (rather than using this as a midday mist, for example). The ingredient list for this one stole my heart, and I think because of that, I tend to reach for this one the most. The immortelle flower oil (the 3rd ingredient) is such a powerhouse of amazing benefits (it helps with scars, it can help stimulate cell growth, it has skin rejuvenating properties and helps to soothe skin.. it’s just awesome). But in addition to the immortelle, it has a number of other ingredients that are favorites of mine (like chamomile, rice extract, willow bark extract, bisabolol, and the list goes on). It also has Sea Fennel which is supposed to help with puffiness, so I also mist a good amount around eyes.
  2.  Rose + Neroli Hydra-Vitalizing Treatment Mist ($39 for 1.69 oz / $23.08 per oz)rose.png
    • Designed to bring back life to combination, sensitive and normal skin
      • Overall thoughts: This mist took a back seat to the Aloe + Immortelle, and for awhile I really wasn’t reaching for it that much. That is until I found out the ideal use for this mist (which I will cover next).
      • How I tend to use this: I keep this mist on my desk at work and I use it to refresh my face midday. I find that this mist helps keep my skin balanced and not super oily (the Odacité Pe + C Treatment Serum also works wonders for controlling my oil). There are some mists that I can not use in the middle of the day because my face will end up looking like a greasy mess soon thereafter, but this mist does the opposite. I think it actually helps to keep some of that oil at bay, and my pores don’t look as noticeable. Also, since I am using this over makeup, I think it’s important to point out that the mist is VERY fine (same goes for the other two). It does not disturb my makeup at all!
  3. Mint + Green Tea Hydra-Purifying Treatment Mist ($29 for 1.69 oz / $17.16 per oz)mint.png
    • Designed to ensure clear and matte skin for oily, breakout-prone skin
      • Overall thoughts: This is my go-to mist for when I am breaking out (I will usually swap out the Aloe + Immortelle for this mist and use it in the same way). This has a short, but sweet, ingredient list with the star ingredients (in my opinion) being the  Camellia Sinensis [Green Tea] Extract and the Salix Alba [Willow Bark] Extract. The Green Tea extract is a strong antioxidant with other great attributes (covered in the table at the end of the post) and the white willow bark extract is great for treating breakouts.
      • How I tend to use this: Whenever my skin is breaking out I like to use this in between steps in the morning and night routine.

One thing that I immediately liked about the ingredient lists for all three mists, was that Aloe Vera is the first ingredient and they all contain glycerin. The image below shows some other ingredients that overlap across the mists and provides some recommendations for what each mist might be best for.

Odacite mists


Here is a bit more info to help break down the different ingredients in each mist. 

Aloe + Immortelle Hydra-Repair Treatment MistRose + Neroli Hydra-Vitalizing Treatment MistMint + Green Tea

Final Thoughts

My only con is that they are somewhat pricey in terms of price per ounce given their smaller size bottles. But when I looked at price per ounce across a wide variety of mists, they are close in price to a number of other brands (e.g., Allies of Skin, Grown Alchemist, Kahina, Tata Harper, Tatcha, Tula), and each mist is full of amazing ingredients (rather than mostly water). So since I consider them a treatment mist, I personally think they are worth it. If I were forced to buy only one, I would pick the Aloe + Immortelle, but I love all three!