Curating Wish Lists on Amazon

As an Amazon Affiliate, I was given the opportunity to curate lists of products that I love and would recommend to my subscribers.

I always scroll through other people’s lists to try to find new skincare and home goods (why are so many amazing products so hard to find sometimes??). So I was really excited to start making my own lists (which ended up being part wish list for myself and part gift ideas of things I already own and love).

I have gone deep down the rabbit hole of list making and have been organizing all my favorite Amazon items into carefully curated lists. If you decide to follow my Amazon storefront you will be able to see an ongoing and constantly updated list of things that I recommend and have on my wish list.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Which means that Amaif you buy any of the things I recommend, I earn a small commission (but you still pay the same price).