Infographic: Facial Oil Ingredients that Help with Inflammation

Do you use an oil to help tackle inflammation?
For me, I use a variety of products to help w/ inflammation, but I love to seal in a routine with an oil that is calming & soothing

Here’s a quick skincare cheat sheet with some common oils, extracts & EOs that have anti-inflammatory benefits.
IMG_0047 (1)
**Please note that this is NOT a complete list. There are certainly other oils that have anti-inflammatory benefits that aren’t Included because of space constraints.**

I thought I would create an infographic about some oil ingredients that are said to (and I would agree with based on my experience) help heal the skin and reduce inflammation.

Also, here are some facial oils that I’ve tried that have some of these ingredients and have worked for me in terms of reducing inflammation and helping my skin feel healthy and nourished.

Laurel skin Anti-Inflammatory Facial Serum (this has the MOST anti-inflammatory ingredients🙌🏻 I finished the bottle and a review is on my feed)
$88 for 30 mL
[Borage oil; rosehip; evening primrose; red raspberry; cranberry; tamanu; sea buckthorn; German Chamomile; Calendula; gotu kola; helichrysum]

Saint Jane Beauty Luxury Beauty Serum (current favorite for fighting inflammation)
$125 for 30 mL
[pomegranate; 500 mg CBD; rosehip; sea buckthorn; Helichrysum; frankincense; geranium; Calendula]

Deviant skincare  Facial Oil $44.46 pounds for 30 mL
[red raspberry; cranberry; rosehip; pomegranate; tamanu]

wiemagie cbd infused face serum
$42 for 15 mL ((currently out of stock))
[100 mg CBD; Calendula]

Vintners daughter Active Botanical Serum
$185 for 30 mL
[Calendula; carrot seed;evening primrose; rosehip; Frankincense; Sea Buckthorn; Cypress; Tamanu]

Josh Rosebrook Active Infusion Serum
$70 for 30 mL
[evening primrose; rosehip; sea buckthorn; calendula]

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