Shop Small Businesses this Holiday Season

I asked you all on Instagram (you can follow me at @goalstogetglowing) what some small businesses were that you like to support, and here is the complete list, along with my favorites. At the end of the post is a list of some specific items that I have personally loved from some of these small businesses in 2019.

And in case you needed a gentle nudge to prioritize shopping small, here is a link with some great reasons to support a small business:

First up is the category of all things beauty (skincare, hair care, oral care, makeup)

Alevia skincare
Bath Sorbet
Bfree organics
Blueprint botanicals
Buckaroo organics
Cirque polish
D’covi skin care
Deco Miami polish
Deviant skincare
Eufloria Botanicals
Glowie co
Granola Goat
Holy Snails
Jordan Samuel skin
Krave beauty
Luv scrub
Malie organics
May Lindstrom
Osmia Organics Soaps
Ranavat Botanics
Siam seas
Stark skincare
Stubborn cosmetics
The tart peach (lipsticks)
Twig + Birdie Apothacary
Uncle Harry’s (oral health)
Willowcrowns (hair ties)

Next up, candles (a favorite category of mine!)

Herland homes
Light shine candles
Redwood Candles
Sota Scents
Sydney Hale & Co
Wax buffalo

Next is clothing designers.

Bizzybcrafts (headbands)
Lisa Hackwith Designs
T-shirt deli (fun custom t-shirts)

Next, is jewelry.

April Soderstrom
Keani Hawaii
Larissa Loden jewelry
Leah Alexandra Jewelry

Next up is art.

Coco zenter Art
Art by Stephanie Roberts

Next is the yummy category of food (cookies to be exact) and beverages.

Good Vibes Cookie Co
Halfsies cookie co
Love Kombucha (Moscow Idaho)

Next are small businesses that sell home goods, gifts, and general home decor (including an interior decorator)

Julieta Alvarez
Rock paradise
Slightly Crooked Designs
Tare Market
The Foundry

Next, are local boutique (many of which sell things online).

Avenue Boutique (Tucson)
Covered Uptown (MN)
Hazel and Rose (MN)
June resale (MN)

Next are local bookstores (that have an online presence)

Magers and Quinn (MN)
Snowbound books (MI)

And a variety of local services like nail salons, travel agents, Med Spas, and more.

Claws out nails (Portland)
Dreamday dressing rooms (MN)
Heidigreenphoto (NYC)
LivSkin Med Spa (MN)
Nail Ninja (MN)
Skinovamedspa (NY)
World Travel (San Antonio branch family owned travel agency)

Now here are some specific items or stores that I have loved in 2019! Enjoy and happy shopping!

Small Business Finds
  1. Deviant Skincare Cleansing concentrate
    • $37.45
    • This is truly the most amazing oil-based cleanser that I have raved about to anyone that will listen. It is nourishing, balancing, and extremely effective. See my review here:
  2. Jordan Samuel Skin Granita Di Caffe Body Scrub
    • $34
    • This smells like coffee (but the scent doesn’t linger on your skin, which I appreciate it). It is a super gentle scrub that leaves the skin feeling moisturized and incredibly soft. I use it in the shower, wash off and then I can skip applying a separate moisturizer or body oil. I also adore his body oil from his Italian Collection (also his skincare products are incredible. I have loved them for years).
  3. Art by Stephanie Roberts petri dish
    • 2 for $35
    • I found these amazing pill coasters through @thingsIboughtandliked and then I stalked Stephanie’s page for the next time these adorable coasters were restocked. They sell out extremely quickly but I finally scored a set! Such a unique design.
  4. Malie Organics KOKE’E Hand Soap
    • $30 for 16 oz
    • I keep repurchasing this because I love it so much. It smells like you are walking past a pastry shop with freshly baked almond croissants. This will seriously elevate your bathroom game.
  5. Maelove Glow Maker
    • $27.95 1 oz
    • Vitamin C and all the benefits, without the price tag. I love a lot of stuff from Maelove. You can find a brand overview here, and then for the past couple months I have been using the Nia10 serum, the Hydrator and more recently the Love 31 face oil and I enjoy all of them! (Don’t stock up and get backups of Vit C serums because those should be purchased and used immediately)
  6. Krave Beauty Matcha Hemp Cleanser
    • $16 for 4.05 oz
    • One of my favorite morning cleansers. It is gentle, hydrating, low pH. Leaves skin feeling calm and happy.
  7. You.Skincare Clarifying Glow serum
    • $89 for 1 oz
    • This is truly a stellar multi-purpose serum. The ingredient list is full of amazing ingredients to help calm inflammation, reduce redness, soothe and treat breakouts, and even out skin tone and hydrate your skin.
  8. Apothaka SOS Recovery Nail & Cuticle Oil
    • £14.95 ($19.45)
    • Help your friends show off their new manicures with their cuticles on point
  9. Stubborn cosmetics moisturizer
    • $25 for combination skin one and $40 for custom moisturizer.
    • If you have ever wanted a custom moisturizer, designed to address your specific skin issues, here is your chance. But even if you don’t go the custom route, you can get an amazing product. I personally love the combination skin moisturizer (Face Smooch) because it has a very cool dual chamber so you can pump out one chamber for the oilier areas of your face and the other chamber for other areas that may be a bit dryer.
  10. Stratia Liquid Gold Moisturizer
    • $24 for 60 ml
    • Another moisturizer that I love. This is packed with great ingredients to help balance, hydrate, brighten and strengthen the skin. This was a life saver for me when I was using prescription strength retinoids because it really helped to strengthen my skin’s barrier.
  11. Herland Home Candle
    • $12-22
    • I’m actually burning Bonfire right now. It is truly amazing. Smells woody and warm with the tiniest bit of sandalwood and amber. I LOVE burning this with other sweeter candles (like vanilla or marshmallow kind of scents) because it creates a smoky, yummy custom scent. I also own and love Satellite and Interstellar. I think Interstellar is the most universally flattering, if you will. It is something that would smell amazing in a living room or bathroom–it is light but complex and not too sweet.
  12. SamiJEWELS Gold CZ Huggie Earrings
    • $2
    • I bought these little huggies in June and have worn them nonstop (in the shower, in the ocean, in a pool…you get my point). They are 14K gold plated and I think they have held up So well! They look as good as the day I bought them. I love the tiny size (7mm) and I plan to buy some other styles!
  13. The Granola Goat S.O.S Mask
    • $19 for 2 oz
    • This is such a versatile dry powder mask that you can mix in with a variety of mediums, like water, aloe juice, etc. It uses the power of sulfur, matcha powder, sacha inci powder, and tumeric to tackle pesky blemishes while not  being overly harsh or drying (see review)
  14. Gift care to Nail Ninja (Minneapolis)
    • Give the gift of a gift card to Nail Ninja and you won’t regret it. All of the nail artists are so talented and the vibe of the nail salon is so chill and hip. My nail artist is @meg_nailedit and we have become close friends since I started going to her over a year ago. Truly an amazing lady and a great artist!
  15. April Soderstrom Featherweight Earrings
    • $29-$55
    • I have become a bit obsessed with these featherweight earrings. I have the featherweight arc in large, the fish ones in small (but I would also love them in large) and the hoops.  I also bought the spike hoops for my bestie and she adores them. They are so light that you can’t even feel them on your ear. Subtly enhances any look, weightless on the ears
  16. Bath bombs from various small businesses
    • Last year I asked for your help in finding from small businesses that sold bath bombs and I found a great list. I bought a bunch from a variety of stores and I was never disappointed.
    • Check out that list of small businesses here.
    • I think my favorites were from Pacha (they call them “froth bombs”)
  17. Giftcard to Covered Uptown (Local to Minneapolis but they ship!)
    • I don’t know about you, but I get overwhelmed when it comes to shopping. What I love about Covered is that they curate the perfect items in their boutique and make buying quality, stylish outfits easy. The store is in Minneapolis but the good news is that they offer FREE US shipping to the lower 48 for orders over $150 or $10 shipping fee otherwise. You can text 612 825-1610, FB message, or DM to order something. I follow their IG and Facebook feed to find the latest jewelry, shoes, and clothing. The selection is curated perfectly but they only buy a couple items in different sizes, so if you like something you need to jump on it! I have learned that the hard way and missed out on some really cute and unique pieces.

I am sure there are other small businesses that I have left off the list above, so I will update this post as I remember or find more! Please comment and let me know if there is a small business that you love to support!