New Hair Products I’m Enjoying

Here are some new hair products I’m using recently and really enjoying!

(In the photo, you can see the dates for when I first used the product)⠀

Scalp Massager – $6 – This is the best $6 I have spent in awhile. I also can’t believe I haven’t used one of these until now! This little scalp massager is one of my favorite Amazon finds in a while. The firm rubber tips give a great scalp massage (which can help stimulate hair growth). Also, I find that it helps distribute shampoo & hair serums better than my fingers could (AND, when my nails are longer, using this helped to save my nails from bending and breaking!)⠀

Pura D’Or Gold label anti-thinning shampoo – $30 – Found this via @kathleenjenningsbeauty & @things.i.bought.and.liked I feel like this has reduced some hair fallout (it seems like there is less hair in my brush and in my drain) and increased some new hair growth. I feel like I would classify this as something I am really liking because it is seeming to work, but I wouldn’t say I LOVE it for a couple reason. First, I think this contributes to a little bit of back congestion (where I have noticed some hard clogged pores). Also, minor negative but I don’t love the scent (which is lemony) & it can be a little drying, so I make sure to use a rich conditioner to add back in moisture.⠀Also, I only use this when I have at least 3-5 min to let this sit in my hair after I massage it in. Otherwise, I feel like the ingredients aren’t on my head long enough to do their job.

vegamour GRO hair serum (*PR) – $40 – This is supposed to help inhibit DHT production (which contributes to hair loss), extend the hair’s growth phase, & increase the density of hair roots. So far, I feel like I am seeing more baby hairs & some increased growth overall. I can use AM or PM & it doesn’t make my hair greasy. I just saw they’re selling a larger size w/ a spray top, which I think is great!⠀

Briogeo Scalp Revival micro-exfoliating shampoo (*PR)- $42. This does a great job at removing product build-up & helps when I have an itchy scalp. I like how it is really easily to massage in and spread around (it actually lathers up). Also, it smells like mint chocolate chip ice cream (which makes me happy when I use it).

R+co Analog Cleansing Foam conditioner (*PR) – $32 This is a very interesting product, which confused me for a bit because I wasn’t sure what it was (a conditioner? a styling product?). Well, I guess my conclusion is that it is sort of like a “co-wash” (“shampooing” with a conditioner). The first time I used this I wanted to see how it performed without the help of any of my styling products. So I just used this to wash my hair and then I didn’t use any styling products. I blow-dried by hair and was surprised at how shiny and soft it left my hair! I found out that after two washes in a row with this, my hair can feel a little heavy (I have oily hair and pretty much have to wash every day). So I like to use this when I am short on time (because it is like a one-and-done product), or when I want some extra shine. Also, I found that using a small amount in different sections is better than doing a larger dollop and trying to spread that all over the hair.

BiologiqueRecherche Lotion P50 Capillaire – $97. This is like P50 for the scalp. It has Exfoliating & reconditioning agents (PHA, AHA, BHA, Cider Vinegar) & sebum regulating ingredients (Burdock Extract, White Dead-Nettle Extract, Pine Bark Extract). It’s a spray bottle, so ~3 days a week, I part my hair & spray this on roots & massage it in at least 15 min. before I shower. It is supposed to increase hair fiber resistance & improve texture & shine. (I buy my BR products from @vickimoravskincare)⠀

Oribe Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray – $69 for the big bottle and $22 for travel size. It makes my hair super shiny w/o being greasy (as long as I don’t spray too much) & holds the volume and shape of my round brush after a blow out. Also, it provides thermal protection from the heat of my hair dryer. TIP: I buy my Oribe products from Cult Beauty (except for the texture spray because those can’t be shipped to the US), because even when there isn’t a sale, the price is slightly cheaper. For example, at Nordstrom it is $69 but at CB it is ~$59 (depending on current exchange rate). AND Cult Beauty will sometimes do a 20% off all hair products sale, which makes it an even better deal (that is when I decided to buy it after trying a sample and loving it).