Elle’s Ultimate Gift Guide

My 10 1/2 year old niece is great at coming up with gift ideas. I usually make a gift guide every year, but this year I just didn’t have time. So when my niece asked if she could make a guide I thought that was an awesome idea!

There are some affiliate links below, if you shop through those links I make a small commission. For this post, any commission I make will be going to Elle so she can save up to buy some Christmas decorations for her room (she loves decorating her room for different holidays).

(Also, Elle can’t eat gluten, so if you see GF in the list below, that indicates a food item is Gluten Free)

When you don’t know where to start:

  1. This is a really cool website for looking for fun and unique presents: Uncommon Goods

For people who like sweets – this one it just might be a really good!

  1. All pink starbursts – (GF) Because pink is the best flavor: $12.99
  2. Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag (make sure you buy candy to put inside too!): $17
  3. Unicorn boogers – (GF) This is a 10 pack – so you can split them up and put them in stockings: $30
  4. Sour Lovers Tackle Box (not all GF) $26
  5. Advent Calendar cookie box (NOT gluten free): $30
  6. For people you love that are gluten free (like me!) Send gluten free food!

For kids who love to spend time outside and jump around

  1. Trampoline – I got one this year for my 10th birthday and I love it. I got an oval shaped one which is perfect for practicing gymnastics moves.
  2. Ninja Ribbons : $20 – You put these on your wrists and when you play tag you try to grab the ribbon. It makes the game a lot more fun!
  3. Custom Hydro Flask : $38 (but currently on sale) I take mine everywhere!

If you like books these might just be the book of your dreams!

  1. Magic Tree house series – Love all of these books (If you shop Amazon, here is a link to an Amazon box set)
  2. Raina Telgemeier books (my sister and I have read all of them!!)
  3. The Witches: The Graphic Novel by Roald Dahl: $15 – This is a funny one. (Amazon link)
  4. What Should Danny do? :$20 – You help Danny make decisions (Amazon link)
  5. Act by Kayla Miller: $13 – I’m doing a book report on this book right now. It’s great! (Amazon link)

If you like electronics, get into gamer mode!

  1. Nintendo Switch – My brother (who is 5) got this for his birthday, and it is the best. We all play it! My dad said he caught my mom staying up super late playing Mario Kart one night!
  2. Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit -Luigi set (or Mario Set) :$99 – My brother really wants this (and so do I), but I guess it is a hard toy to find right now!
  3. Roblox Gift Cards!

If you like music, get ready to rock.

  1. JBL Portable Waterproof Speaker Flip 5 – $120 (but on sale for $70!) – I like the teal (my favorite color)
  2. Sony XB12 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – $60 (but on sale for $35!)

If you like smells, you will be blown away!

  1. Olfactory Scent Studio: I went here with my aunt for my birthday and I custom made my own candle! This year for Christmas I asked my dad if I could make a candle for my mom. I can’t wait to smell it!

If you like earrings, check these out!

  1. These studs come in some really pretty colors, and you get all 4: $25
  2. These Gummy bear earrings are so cute: $10

For when your parents refuse to buy any more slime

  1. Orbeez :$7 – These feel SO COOL. My grandma put these in a big tupperware bin at her house and we always play when them when we go over there.
  2. Playz Edible Candy! Food Science STEM Chemistry Kit : $45- Kind of like coming up with slime recipes but you make candy.

For little kids who love animals and puzzles

Animal Parade A to Z Puzzle: $32 – *This currently has a lightening sale on Amazon for $27!! –> click here

For people who have lots of plants

Plant hanging animals $22.50 – You can hang these funny animals on your plants!