Review of over 15 Sleep Masks

Ever since I lived in DC with a street light directly outside my bedroom window, I have slept with a sleeping mask. I have learned over the years that they come in a wide variety of features and so I can’t have just one. I like to have at least 3… I know… I’m a little over the top. But I like to have a weighted mask (or one that applies pressure under eyes) for when I have headaches, a thin silk mask for every day use, and a contour mask for when I have lash extensions or want to use it while flying or during naps (when I have mascara on). I had a pretty nice collection and decided to do a sleeping mask review… but then I realized that 3 of my masks were no longer made so I started to buy different masks to try to find a dupe for those and then before I knew it I had spent over $300 on sleeping masks (Eek!) and here we are at 15 masks to review.

Disclosures: Only one mask in this review was provided by the brand (thankfully it was the most expensive one by Dr. Harris). Then I bought the Iluminage using a Skinstore affiliate credit.

Below I’ll talk about all the different masks I’ve tried. There are some commissionable links below. Those are marked with a * . When you see * that just means that I make a small commission if you use my link. (I always appreciate your support by shopping through my links because that helps me buy more products to try and review)

Why even bother with a sleeping mask?

What Features Should I Look For?

Help Me Decide!

Let’s check out a decision tree to help you find which mask might be right for you.

Each of the masks above are listed below in more detail.

If you just want to know which are my top pics, here they are:

  • Contour Mask: Slip Contour* or for an affordable, non-silk option Amagarm*
  • Silk Mask: For a basic silk mask I’d go for Blissy and then for a luxe one with added perks (in this case acupressure dots) Dr. Harris*
  • For a mask that applies pressure/weight: I reach for the Tempur mask* or recently I’ve been preferring the weighted Manta strap on top of my silk masks (and I don’t use the Manta eye pods. Just the weighted strap).

Give Me All the Details!

Note: these are NOT in order of preference.

a) Slip Contour Eye Mask*

This is one of my top picks, especially if you want a contour mask. This doesn’t stay on my head particularly well if I toss and turn all night, but it stays on long enough to help me fall asleep. (For what it’s worth, a follower said they haven’t had any issues with it staying on for them, so YMMV). Perfect for naps and for leaving eye makeup undisturbed (this is my pick for when I fly and I plan to sleep on the plane because its ultra comfortable and won’t smush my mascara…but I am annoyed it doesn’t come with a travel bag so I actually have been using my Manta travel bag for this mask.). This will also be the mask I wear when I have lash extensions. I’m hoping the silk will be even less likely to tug on any lashes (I’d imagine my lash extensions will slightly touch the fabric because my normal lashes already sort of touch). This has 22-Momme, 6A grade mulberry silk (same as Blissy and the Manta Slip eye mask).

b) Manta silk eye mask

  • This was a miss for me. One of the best things about this mask in my opinion is that it comes with a mesh case that doubles as a wash bag (the Manta masks are the only masks that are machine washable). Also the eye pockets are nice and deep and would work with lash extensions. This has 22-Momme 6A grade silk (same as Slip and Blissy). I like that the micro velcro doesn’t catch hair, but the strap is a little bulky which I didn’t love. My biggest issue is that I had to strap it on pretty tightly to stay on and after about 30 minutes I realized I really don’t like the feeling of pressure in a circle around my eyes (I much prefer pressure just underneath my eyes). But I wore it all night and I started to notice that it left crease marks on my face… that isn’t good because over time those could turn into wrinkles. Before I posted about the crease marks, I had three followers message me to say the reason they didn’t like the Manta masks was specifically because it left crease marks on them. Because this does such a great job at blocking out light, I think this might be a great option for someone that naps in the day, or that can figure out a way to attach this looser so it doesn’t leave crease marks. Note that recently Manta raised their prices by about $5.
This shows the crease marks left around my eyes. I had other people message me saying they had the same issue with Manta masks.

c) AMAGARM Sleep Mask*

  • This is a really affordable option that does the job of totally blocking out light while not pressing on lashes (my lashes just barely graze the fabric). It has memory foam and is comfy. I washed this on a gentle cycle in the washing machine in a mesh bag (it was the Manta travel bag actually but any small mesh bag would work) and it washed up nicely (I laid flat to dry). This is one of my top picks for an affordable eye mask. It doesn’t have a travel bag but thankfully it is easy to wash. Also, it often goes on sale on Amazon (I think I bought it for $7.60).

D) MZOO Sleep Eye Mask*

  • Very similar to Amagarm but it has a travel bag, no extra fabric around nose, and comes in more colors and its double the price (which I don’t understand). It has memory foam and is comfy. My lashes only slightly graze the fabric. I like the adjustable strap but I don’t like how it can sometimes press on the top of my ears, which can be irritating by morning. (My mom is wearing this one in the photo.) This often goes on sale for closer to $14-16.

E) Manta weighted mask

  • What I love about this is that I can skip the eye cups and use the weighted strap on top of any eye mask or even just on top of your head for some gentle pressure (which I like if I have a headache). I really like this on top of the Blissy or Slip silk mask. I can also strap this above my eyes and just on my forehead for some pressure there. The price for the mask plus the eye cups is $45 but you can just buy the strap alone (which is what is weighted, the eye cups are not weighted at all) for $33. Good weight (8.3 oz). This come with the great mesh bag and it is machine washable.

F) YFONG Sleep Mask 3D Weighted Eye Mask*

  • This isn’t as weighted as the Manta weighted mask (3.5 oz) so it didn’t give me the pressure I was looking for. I also felt like it doesn’t stay on very well and would probably work best for a back sleeper. But if you want some very gentle pressure, this is nice. Lashes barely graze fabric.

G) Dr. Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Mask*

  • I love the acupressure dots on this mask–that sets this apart from the Blissy and Slip silk masks which are almost identical otherwise. I don’t think this helps me have a more relaxing night sleep compared to other sleep masks, but I do love the relaxing ritual of pressing on each dot before I go to sleep (I do wish they were a bit more raised because then they would be easier to feel and press on gently). I also think the dots slightly help the mask stay put because this mask stays on better than almost all of my other ones. The company claims this can help with furrow lines, which I don’t have, thanks to Botox. But my sister-in-law is Botox free and agreed to test out the anti-wrinkle claims. She documented everything with photos and sadly didn’t see any improvement in frown lines. (I have had a follower that is older than my SIL with somewhat deeper wrinkles and she thought this seemed to soften their furrow line so YMMV, but I wouldn’t go into buying this mask thinking it would give you Botox-like results). [If you want to check out my stories with more details and my SIL before and after photos, click here]. At first I was told this was polyester minx but then I was told that was incorrect and that it is indeed silk. However, nothing on the website or packaging/label describes the material and reps from the company haven’t gotten back to me to provide any specifics for me to be able to say if it is similar to Slip, Blissy and Manta (which all use 22-Momme 6A grade mulberry silk). If they do I will update that here. Honestly, I love wearing this mask. I find that I reach for this one the most. But the price is hard to swallow. This is the one mask that was sent to me by the brand BUT I had actually signed up on the waitlist to buy this myself before the brand contacted me. I thought it was crazy high priced but curiosity got the best of me, so I was prepared to buy it. Perhaps the high price is because there isn’t anything like it (I couldn’t find another sleep mask that had those acupressure bumps) but I still feel like a price under $100 would be more appropriate. If the price is in your budget, I do think it’s a great mask. If money were no object I would give this as a gift to all my friends (and while I don’t think it delivers on many of its anti-wrinkle and improved sleep claims, perhaps it will work for them. And if not, they are still left with a nice sleep mask). Oh also this comes with a nice velvet carrying bag that zips. Very nice touch (and I’m happy it had a nice bag given the price).

H) Blissy eye Mask

  • TL; DR: Get this instead of Slip IMHO. I wasn’t planning on getting this, but after talking about how I love my Slip mask I had many people tell me I needed to try Blissy. For the sake of science I bought this and I promised my niece I would give this to her after my review (so I let her pick the color). Jokes on me because I love this more than the Slip and now I have to give this to my niece because she said she doesn’t want my gray Slip mask. The reason I prefer this one to the Slip is because it feels more padded/plush and it stays on my head better (I think because the strap is a little shorter than the Slip strap). Love that it has a travel bag because it’s perfect for bringing on a plane. 22-Momme, 6A Grade mulberry silk.

I) Slip eye mask*

  • If I had never tried Blissy, I would have nothing but positive things to say about this–other than to say I wish it had a travel bag…but perhaps they think the box that it comes with is what people would use, but that is too bulky for me to pack in my purse (but I could pack it in a suitcase I suppose). I like that comes in lots of colors (but of course I still chose my favorite color, which is gray ;)). It also has cute styles that say Mrs. Mr and Bridesmaid. Bottom line is that this is just not as plush/padded as the Blissy. Has a slightly longer strap than Blissy, so it could be useful for those with a larger head. It has 22-Momme, 6A Grade mulberry silk (same as Blissy and Manta Silk). Sometimes you can find this on sale for 25% off (that’s when I bought mine) which is nice because $50 is steep.
This screen grab from one of my IG stories shows how the Slip has a slightly longer strap

j) Iluminage Skin Rejuvenating Eye Mask*

  • What makes this mask different is that is has 100% Copper Infused Polyester. The company claims that copper ions are released from the fabric and help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time. Take that with a grain of salt…For what it’s worth, my mom really enjoys this one (I didn’t think the fabric was very soft, I believe it is polyseter). This also comes in different colors. Full price is $50, but you can get this at Skinstore for 25% off using the code.VANESSA.

K) TEMPUR Sleep Mask*

  • This one has been a favorite for years, but I don’t reach for it as much any more because it can get a little hot at night and the elastic has started to get a little stretched out. But the reason I love it is because I love the padded cushion under the eye area for some subtle pressure. It stays on nicely but the strap can bug my ears by morning. Bit hard to travel with because it’s bulky. One other benefit is that I have thrown this in the washing machine on a gentle cycle and it held up.

L) Lewis N. Clark

  • This one came recommended by a follower (she said this was a go to gift for new moms, which is smart!). This one feels comfortable on (cotton is touching the face area). It has nice padding, but it can feel a little hot at night. Stays on nicely. I like the adjustable strap. It has a little loop which I’m guessing is so that you can hang this on a little hook by your nightstand. Comes in multiple colors. You can buy a two-pack for $12.99 so this is one of the most affordable options.

M) NEWGO Cotton Sleep Mask for Light Blocking

This one is nice if you don’t like straps pressing down on your upper ear area. This is like a little blanket that hugs your head because it completely covers your ears. It was lightweight and comfortable. It seems like this would be a good option for side sleepers because it moved around less if I tossed and turned.

N) Weighted Eye Mask Kivik Sleep Mask

  • One of the masks I was searching for dupes for was a weighted mask my mom gave me a couple years ago. I was hoping this would be a dupe but it is barely weighted. So this wasn’t weighted enough for me. But what I did like was that you could shift the beads around so that there either were or weren’t any directly over your eyelids (so you can adjust based on personal preference). Adjustable strap, no bag,

O) SeugSun Adjustable 3D Contour Eye Mask

  • Pretty much identical to the Amagarm (“C”) mask above. This one is nice but isn’t AS thick as the Amagarm one (the difference is pretty small though) but this fabric was slightly softer. The reason I kept the Amagarm over this one is that my lashes grazed the fabric a tiny bit more on this one and the nose fabric on this one hit me in a weird spot (it pressed on the bridge of my nose in a way that wasn’t comfortable) so I prefer the Amagarm. But this does come with a travel bag which is nice.

I have also tried the cupped contour masks, where there isn’t any padding (shown below) and I didn’t like the fit of those (I can’t link the one I have because I couldn’t find it sold anywhere but there are tons that look just like it).

In terms of the thin masks you get from airlines (like the Tumi one shown below) and the kitschy ones with fun sayings, I find that those can come in handy to have in a purse or to keep on hand for guests. I prefer masks that have two thin straps (like the Tumi) versus a thicker strap (like the “wake me for champagne” … but that saying is spot on so I can’t fault it for that).

Hope this post was helpful!! (And give me some time before you tell me that I need to try a different brand. Haha. I’ve reached sleeping mask capacity for the time being 😆)