Benefits of a Microcurrent Facial: Review of ZIIP GX for Mature Skin

ZIIP GX and Golden Gel
Image of woman with mature skin holding ZIIP microcurrent device. The photo says "ZIIP mini review"

My mom has been using the ZIIP GX for a year and she wrote up her thoughts on each of the programs  available on the GX.

First, here’s a little about my mom, Sandy.

She is 63 years old with fair, healthy skin. Some wrinkles, lots of brown spots (pigmentation), crepey neck, and what she describes as “resting sad face” with some fine lines above lips.  (Also, I think she is beautiful and perfect and hard on herself…. as we all often are).

Below, my mom gives her thoughts on the ZIIP and each program. Here is a reel of my mom sharing her thoughts:

The Benefits of ZIIP Microcurrent Device for Mature Skin

By: Sandy

I Love this little device. I have not liked other products like this so it’s surprising. First of all, the Golden gel smells beautiful. The routines are easy and I see and feel results. I compare it to a facial massage, plus an exercise routine. And it’s something I can do often.

Being retired, I have time, but if I were working, I would start my day with it. Right now I’m using it 3 times a week. The Founder’s Favorite is gentle and you can do it repetitive times, I may bring this out to the TV for that.

The 12 ZIIP Programs she Used

I will add some of my brief comments in a sub-bullet under her summary.
  • THE WORKS A full face revitalization! I liked the variation in the routine. Along the chin, when you hold and pump (not done often in her routines) you can feel a zinging. Personally. I like the spicy zings. Makes me feel like more is being done. Lol My face is flushed after this one.
    • Vanessa’s feedback: I don’t use this one because it makes my skin quite red.
  • FILTERED FINISH All over fresh face! Not sure wrinkles improved but healthy, plumped skin emerges. It’s a shorter routine for similar results as the Works. However I think the longer routines have deeper, long lasting results. Like massaging and working muscles.
    • Vanessa’s feedback: I like this one, but I find it really boring. It does sting when I go over a pimple though.
  • INSTANT GRATIFICATION Really like this one. A whole face uplift. 6 minutes and works.
    • Vanessa’s feedback: My face usually looks worse after using this because it is the strongest program and my skin gets pretty red. And it feels like needles over any pimples. 
  • FOUNDERS FAVORITE If I could look like her (Melanie, the founder and woman that is in the app showing the routines) I’m in!! This is 10 minutes and she says you can do it multiple times. Like watching a movie. My skin looked pink and flushed so I’m sure it increased circulation. It uses all nano current so no Zing, but it’s all over revitalization.
    • Vanessa’s feedback: This is my favorite and it is probably because it uses all nanocurrent and my skin seems to respond really well to that. I just free form this one. I don’t see any immediate difference but my face isn’t red or splotchy like it is with some other routines. And maybe it is in my head, but I do feel like my skin has more a glow the next day. 
  • ENERGIZE Glow! 12 minute of entire face. Very spicy/zingy around lips. I could not stay with the program so I had extra time at the end to freeform. Maybe I don’t go slow enough?? Easy to do, moves all over face and I love it. [This has nano + micro current]
    • Vanessa’s feedback: This is one of my other favorites. I like that it includes nano + micro current. I really like how it feels along my neck and how the waveform changes 3 times throughout the program. 
  • SCULPT & LIFT She calls this pilates for the face! It’s 7 minutes of spicy ziiping! You go slow and really feel it. I like this one a lot. I guess you can file me under “no pain, no gain girl”.
    • Vanessa’s feedback: I can Definitely feel the waveforms with this one! It feels very spicy on top of pimples and it leaves my skin rather splotchy and red. I do like that it is a shorter routine. 
  • FOREHEAD My forehead does not have big problems so I don’t spend time on this one, It is a mild routine and it flushed my skin so I’m sure circulation improved. 2 minutes but why?
    • Vanessa’s feedback: I never use this one. 
  • PLUMP Only 2 minutes, I would add this onto a full face routine to focus on an area.
    • Vanessa’s feedback: I don’t see any immediate difference with this but I like that it also doesn’t irritate my skin or leave it red. So I will use it from time to time. 
  • JOWLS Yes please! Love this short little routine. Short and effective. I would add this on to a longer routine.
    • Vanessa’s feedback: I like this one too. It is short and sweet and half way through it increases intensity. No immediate lift, but I feel like it holds promise. 
  • BROW LIFT & PROBLEM SOLVER….Sorry, I have never done either of these.
    • Vanessa’s feedback: I use problem solver the most! I love it! It uses entirely negative current, which is a unique feature that really sets ZIIP apart from other microcurrent devices. It is great for stopping a massive pimple in its tracks (I like to use it on those pimples that you can’t even see yet, but you can feel under the skin). I will often do Founders Favorite followed by spot treating with Problem Solver. 
  • EYES Not a desired area for a lot of stimulation but a nice quick routine. I could feel the constant tingle.
  • CONTOUR I feel like this defines my cheekbones and jawline, hoping to improve my resting b***ch face. Nice amount of tingling. Again, I would add this on to a big routine.
    • Vanessa’s feedback: This one is fun to feel. I like adding this to other routines. 
  • PRIMER This is a very freeform routine. Only 2 minutes, meh
    • Vanessa’s feedback: I really don’t see the point of this one. I read it is supposed to get your skin ready for the next program so it should always be combined with something else. So sometimes I do that. I like that it is short and it doesn’t feel spicy over any pimples. 

ZIIP Skincare Routine

I tend to use my ZIIP in the morning. I wake up and apply a really generous amount of the Golden Gel (which I recently learned is PACKED with really amazing skincare ingredients so now instead of washing it off I just wipe off excess). I do whatever ZIIP program I feel in the mood to do and then I continue with the rest of my skincare routine. 

I tend to use Instant Gratification, Founders Favorite, and Primer (Primer I will always do in combination with another routine rather than by itself). And then I mix in The Works, maybe adding Contour or Sculpt & Lift. I am really focusing on my smile area. 


If my eyes are baggy in the morning,  I will wake up those muscles with Brow lift or Eyes. The cool thing is that there are so many variations, if you get bored with things.


Also, I am a visual person. I did not like the NuFace, however it was a long time ago. I LOVE watching this beautiful woman, with a calm voice, doing the treatment with me. 🙂

ZIIP Halo Discount Code

My mom bought the ZIIP GX, but recently she was sent the ZIIP Halo (which is the latest upgrade to the ZIIP GX). I will be posting a blog post that talks about the difference between the two devices shortly. 

**Update: Here is that blog post that talks about how ZIIP works, outlines the difference between ZIIP Halo and the GX, answers a bunch of questions that you all submitted via Instagram and talks about the differences between the conductor gels. CLICK HERE**


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