Recently, Cult Beauty had a flash sale with 20% off haircare products. I jumped on the deal because the brand of shampoo and conditioner that I love (Playa) is already 15% cheaper on So adding in the 20% off I ended up saving 32%. This made me realize that I haven’t posted about some of the amazing deals that can be found at for awhile, but I thought with the holidays approaching and gift giving in full gear, now would be a good time. (Here is a previous post that touches on some of the great deals)

This applies specifically to those that live in the United States and to see the deals you will need to sign in so that it knows you live in the United States.

Let me first say that this post isn’t sponsored. Cult Beauty doesn’t know I am writing it. I just want to share some ways to save money!

Why is it cheaper?

Cult Beauty integrates UK sales tax into the prices. Once you add it to  your cart (and sign in so they know you are US-based) the price will be less  because it deducts tax if you’re ordering from outside the EU. Using a currency converter  you can see if it is cheaper to buy from Cult Beauty or from a store in the states. So the price at Cult Beauty depends on the exchange rate. It has tended to be around 1.3 lately so that is what I used below]

What brands are cheaper?

There isn’t a clear list anywhere (that I am aware of), so I just spent some time adding a bunch of products from EU-based brands to my cart (because that is where I have found the biggest savings) and then I looked for the prices at Sephora, Dermstore, Net-a-porter, or another US-based online retailer (but most were from Sephora). As you can see below there are some great savings to be found! (Note: I mistakenly included Le Labo, but sadly they will not ship to the US). Also… some brands AREN’T cheaper (e.g., augustinus bader) so just make sure to do a quick search of a US-based retailer to make sure you are getting the best deal.

Deals found on (for those in the United States)

Stacking these prices with flash deals

Every so often CB has a 20% discount on all skincare, or all palettes, or some other category. Those are the time to jump on brands that already have a lower price. Also, some of the brands never go on sale so finding any price difference is exciting–at least to me it is 🙂

So based on the items I found above, I think you will be able to find some good deals on the following brands (and if has other coupon codes on top of these, you can save even more money!):